April 2023


Everything You Need To Know When Choosing Your First Paddleboard

Paddleboarding opens up new landscapes, giving individuals and groups access to lakes, seafronts, and even rivers. It requires little in the way of equipment and can be picked up by all ages, taking only a small amount of time for most to find their feet on the water. Before you get started, however, there’s only one major hurdle to cross: choosing your paddleboard.

While you may be able to enjoy yourself on a variety of boards, it is worthwhile picking one out that will suit you in the long run. Additionally, you will give yourself the best opportunity of comfort and confidence by choosing a board that suits your intentions out on the water, as well as your lifestyle. 

Inflatable Or Solid

Going into any watersport store and asking for your first paddleboard will very likely result in one question, which will be asking you to choose between an inflatable or solid paddleboard. For those unsure what this means, it’s quite simple. Some paddleboards are designed to retain their shape, while others are compactable and inflatable. 

Unless you’re paddleboarding at a professional level or looking to improve your speed and maneuverability on the water, you’re unlikely to see much difference between the two options. Instead, it is best that you consider which would suit your transportation and storage. If you need to carry your board, as well as store it at home, then it may be advantageous to purchase an inflatable board, since this will make it easier for you to enjoy the activity overall.

Size And Shape

While there are an endless number of nuances to paddleboards, there are two basic shapes to choose from. These are rounded and touring. 

Rounded boards are great for beginners that are looking to find their feet on the water, but are also celebrated by those wanting a greater deal of stability in general, such as yoga practitioners and fishers. Rounded boards, or all around boards, are designed for comfort and slower movement, making them ideal for a sure-footed experience.

Touring boards are, alternatively, pointed. While they might not offer as much stability when motionless, they have a greater deal of speed and turning on the water, making them the design of choice for those looking to travel, explore, or race. If you’re planning on taking longer trips on the water, whether around the coast or downriver, then this is the design for you.


The right board for you should also accommodate your equipment. Some paddleboarders will, for example, want to equip cameras on their boards or load up with waterproof bags for a weekend adventure. Be sure that, when choosing your first board, you do so with your interests in mind as different boards will be more suited to your endeavours than others.

If you need help choosing a board, it can be worthwhile speaking to local paddleboarding groups or taking a few lessons out on the water. By testing out the equipment of others, as well as seeing how it is utilised, you will be able to make a more informed decision about your new activity.

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How to Have a Fantastic japan festival tours, According to Locals

Whether you are planning your first trip to Japan or a repeat visit, the following tips will help you prepare ready for your adventure and maximise your time in the country.

In this extensive essay, we’ve compiled 39 of our top recommendations for tourists visiting Japan. If you have the time and interest, we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d read this entire thing. A table of contents is also provided so that you can quickly jump to the section that is most relevant to you.

Travel Preparation for Japan

If you’ve never been to Japan before, this section will help you figure out when is the best time to go, where you should stay, and what you should do while you’re there.

Choose an Appropriate Time of Year to Visit Japan

Regardless of the season, Japan is always welcoming tourists. Some of the highlights that change with the seasons are the cherry blossoms in the spring, summer festivals, stunning fall foliage, and world-class skiing in the winter. Come and go as you like; there’s always something fun to do and see.

The best time of year to visit Japan depends on the weather, the number of tourists, and the activities and attractions you plan to partake in.

Where to Go and What to See in Japan’s Top Cities There

Japan has an astounding variety of tourist destinations, and even more options for things to do in each of those destinations.

If you want to get the most out of your vacation, you should start planning as early as possible. Things like lodging and event tickets sell out quickly, especially during peak travel seasons, so it’s essential to prepare ahead to avoid disappointment.

Unparalleled Adventures in Japan

Certain experiences available in Japan are absolutely unique and will leave a lasting impression on visitors. Obviously, there are just too many for a single trip to even scratch the surface of seeing them all.

Destinations Outside of the Big Cities

It’s likely that when you think about Japan, the first places that come to mind are Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, the country’s three most populous cities. There are some magnificent sights to behold here, but that’s by no means all the United States has to offer.

Spend the Night in a Real Japanese Ryokan

One night in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, is a must if you want to get the full experience of Japan. You can stay at a ryokan anywhere in Japan. Unlike Western hotels, traditional Japanese inns, or ryokan, are an integral part of every trip to Japan. You can find ryokan in every region of Japan.

The vast majority are located in rural locations, giving visitors the chance to unwind, revitalize, and enjoy the best of Japanese hospitality. Traditional touches such as tatami mats, yukata robes, kaiseki dinners, onsen baths, and futon bedding ensure that your stay will be one you won’t soon forget.

In an Onsen, you can learn what it means to truly unwind

Luxury and rest are at their pinnacle in Japan’s Onsen (or “hot springs”) resorts. They are a spectacular and authentic cultural experience for japan festival tours that you won’t find anywhere else and won’t be able to find anywhere else, whether you choose a historic indoor bath or a distant outdoor setting surrounded by stunning natural surroundings.

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