7 Outdoor Activities Suitable For Families (And Pets)

Finding an outdoor activity that entertains children and adults alike can sometimes be challenging, especially if pets are also involved. There are a number of factors to consider beyond entertainment too, such as equipment and safety, all of which can immediately cross many ideas for outdoor adventures off the list. 

There are, however, activities that are provenly popular among families, and are welcoming of all ages and abilities, allowing groups to enjoy nature without feeling inhibited. To show you exactly what we mean, we’ve got seven outdoor activities for you to consider for the next family adventure.


One of the most welcoming outdoor activities is camping. It allows families to find an area that suits each member and is very inclusive of pets, promising you don’t mind sharing a tent with them! It is important, however, to ensure that you check the weather beforehand since any negative shift can not only limit the other activities you enjoy on your trip but also keep you confined to your tents.


Travelling by bicycle is an enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to explore the landscape. Children are able to enjoy their own bikes, sit in seats next to adults, or even be contained to their own trailer. A number of destinations are now accommodating for cycling holidaymakers too, offering ideal routes and recommended stop-offs for travelling families to ensure their trip is enjoyable.


A watersport that has grown in popularity largely because of its small learning curve, paddleboarding is an ideal activity for all ages. Adults and children can have their own paddleboards, each with different sizes, or children and pets can simply hop onto a shared board, with some even being designed for groups.

Wild Swimming

Exploring lakes and rivers for a refreshing swimming spot has become widely popular, even during the winter period, with many championing the health benefits of cold water swimming. For families, wild swimming is a low-cost and brilliantly fun activity, one that can be enjoyed in locations around the country, promising you can find them!


Those with a creative streak might like the idea of taking a family excursion with photography in mind, encouraging children and adults to capture their favourite vistas and moments on their cameras. This simple activity can help to encourage family creativity and imagination, changing the way individuals look at their favourite places.


While there is a little more in the way of required equipment, kayaking is much like paddleboarding for families, enabling groups to adventure on the water with ease. What’s more is that kayaking opens up a number of wild landscapes to families, allowing them to access hidden beaches and secluded coves to enjoy a picnic together in tranquillity.

Disc Throwing

Throwing discs or playing a full game of ultimate is a great way to enjoy the sunshine with your family, especially since dogs are likely to want to join in too. Requiring only a disc and a large outdoor area, as well as a non-too-windy day, heading outdoors can be easy and stress-free, even with a large group to consider. Just be sure to bring along a spare in case a disc gets lost… or chewed!