All things to know to Plan a Great Dhow Cruise Trip in Dubai

Welcome to the ultimate guide for planning the trip. A Dhow Cruise is fun in Dubai that takes you on a ride along the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina on an old Arabian boat called a Dhow. You get to see the amazing skyline of Dubai while eating good food and enjoying entertainment. 

From choosing the right cruise company and route to finding the best deals and what to expect onboard, we’ve got you covered. So, prepare to embark on a memorable journey as we guide you through the ultimate Dhow Cruise trip in Dubai.

Understanding the Dubai Dhow Cruise

A Dhow Cruise in Dubai is a special way to see the beautiful city skyline while eating yummy food and having fun on an old-style Arabian boat called a Dhow. These wooden boats were used for trading and transporting things on the Arabian Gulf. 

Today, they have been restored and transformed into floating restaurants and entertainment venues for tourists and locals alike. The cruise takes place on the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina, offering different experiences for passengers. 

Choosing the Right Dhow Cruise Company

When choosing a Dhow Cruise company, it is important to research and read past customer reviews. Some factors to consider are the quality of the food and entertainment, the boat’s cleanliness, the staff’s professionalism, and the overall value for money. Checking if the company has all the necessary licenses and safety certifications is also essential. 

Deciding on Your Dhow Cruise Route

The Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina are two popular routes for Dhow Cruises in Dubai. The Dubai Creek offers a more traditional experience, with views of the historic Al Fahidi District and the stunning Dubai skyline. 

On the other hand, the Dubai Marina offers a modern and luxurious experience, with views of towering skyscrapers and stunning yachts. Some companies may offer both routes, so it’s worth checking what’s available and deciding which experience you’d prefer.

Selecting Your Dining and Entertainment Options

Most Dhow Cruise companies offer a range of dining and entertainment options, from a simple buffet dinner to a more luxurious gourmet experience. You can have different types of entertainment on a Dhow Cruise, such as old-style Arabic music and dance shows or modern performances. 

It’s essential to pick an option that fits what you want and can afford. It’s also essential to check if the company caters to any dietary restrictions you may have.

Dressing Appropriately for Your Dhow Cruise

You don’t have to wear anything specific on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai, but it’s best to wear modest clothes, especially if you’re on a traditional Dhow. Men should wear long pants and a shirt, while women should avoid revealing clothing and wear long dresses or skirts. Wearing nice but comfortable clothing is best if you’re going on an evening Dhow Cruise. Wear comfy shoes too, because the boat can move around.

Preparing for Your Dhow Cruise Departure

You should get to where the Dhow Cruise leaves at least 30 minutes before it’s supposed to go. This way, you’ll have time to check in, find your boat, and prepare to leave. Also, don’t forget to bring your booking confirmation, ID, and important documents like your passport. Most companies also provide transportation to and from the departure point, so check the details before booking.

Understanding What to Expect Onboard

Once onboard, you can expect to be greeted by friendly staff who will show you to your table and explain the onboard facilities. After everyone is on the boat, it will start its journey, and you’ll see beautiful city skyline views. 

Depending on the company and package you choose, you can expect to enjoy a range of dining options, from buffet-style to à la carte. Entertainment can include traditional Arabic music, dance performances, contemporary shows, or live DJs. Most Dhow Cruises also have fully stocked bars serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Capturing Memorable Moments on Your Dhow Cruise

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the stunning views and special moments onboard. Most Dhow Cruises offer photo opportunities with traditional Arabic costumes so that you can take home a unique souvenir of your trip. It’s also worth noting that smoking is not allowed on most Dhow Cruises, so if you’re a smoker, you may want to bring nicotine patches or gum.

Book Dhow Cruise:

How to get amazing deals for the Cruise trip?

To get the best deals on your Dhow Cruise trip, it’s worth checking out discount websites and coupon books. Many companies offer special deals for groups, so it’s worth considering traveling with friends or family to get a better price. 

Booking your Dhow Cruise beforehand is a good idea because prices can increase if you wait until the last minute. Finally, ask about hidden costs or additional fees, such as service charges or taxes, before booking to avoid any surprises later.