Top 4 New Attraction Sights in UAE

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UAE has one of the richest states with their lavish and comfortable lifestyle is one of the popular holiday destinations. While these Gulf state exhibits modernity and extravagancy, its tourist destination is not behind. They are not just exciting to visit but also a treat to the eyes. Their tourist spots are full of riches, from their flooring to their actual attraction. While in many years UAE has made its spot among the different nations in the world, they have continuously worked to better their tourism destination. Being one of the most popular holiday destinations, they aim to provide the best for their visitors. The destination is the reason why a person would want to visit a certain place.

While there are many beautiful and atrocious destinations, UAE has decided to advance and take a step ahead and design more beautiful attractions in the states. From museums to Art theaters, UAE has widened its area of attraction by having something for all motivation. Various kinds of attractions had been developed throughout the years, a few of them are listed below to make it easier for you to reach out and have a keen knowledge about the places you might want to visit.

1-Museum of the Future

Inspired by “Feng Shui” this museum is one the kind with no corners or columns. For those who might not know Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that harmonizes with the environment to promote positive energy and well-being. Almost 700 words taken from the HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, are engraved all over the exterior of the museum in Arabic. There are five floors to the museum, OSS Hope, Heal Institute, Al Waha, Tomorrow Today, and Future Heroes, from chapter 5 to chapter 1 respectively. Enjoy the futuristic museum with amazing discounted offer by using Etihad Coupon Code.

2-A Ferris Wheel Ain Dubai  

Being the largest and tallest standing observation wheel, Dubai Eye, or Dubai Ferris Wheel is one of the latest tourist spots. With a height of 820 ft., it offers an astonishing and unparalleled view of the city and the coastline. Being one of a kind it is a 38-minute long blissful air-conditioned with a sky bar cabin ride. With a height of 250M, it has 48 Hi-Tech cabins that can fit 1750 people and 192 cables with a length of 2400 km.

3-Palm Tower  

Situated in Palm Jumeirah, it is a palm tree-shaped tower with a memorable and remarkable panoramic view of the archipelago and the city from the tower’s various observation decks.  The tower does not only have decks but also a 5-star hotel, luxurious apartments, world-class restaurants an infinity pool, and many more exciting departments. It also has an aquarium named Dubai Aquarium to ensure the interest of a person who loves some in-water-life experience.

4-Infinity des Lumieres   

Situated inside the Dubai Mall it is a digital art center. Having the translation of an infinity of lights, it aims to give its visitors an insight into cutting-edge technology and its significance to create and perceive art. It is the biggest digital art center in the Middle East which houses audio-visual effects. It gives classical, modern, contemporary, and futuristic art. A real-life experience of watching the art come to life with the advanced use of technology.